Dian comes from a long line of native Californians who have lived here for over 100 years. She was born in Burbank and grew up as one of the original Valley Girls.

Dian has been a licensed realtor since 2003 and has serviced and sold properties in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Dian also has a Masters in Psychology (which helps her to understand both buyers and sellers), is an Ordained Minister with two Ph.D.’s (to which she upholds the highest standards of morality and ethics), is a paralegal with certification from Cal State Dominguez Hills in Paralegal Studies plus has worked as a paralegal specializing in contracts and civil litigation for over 40 years, and manages a company which is co-owned by her and her husband (who is a bio-mechanical engineer expert witness in cases involving personal injury).

In addition to being a realtor, Dian is also a Certified Interior Decorator. Five rooms of her own home have been seen on billboards in Times Square as she was a winner in HGTV’s Black & Decker designing contest. She is the go-to agent for showcasing your property to get it ready to be sold, as well as she will personally help you with designing your new purchase at no charge. Dian also worked on her Masters in Oriental Medicine, and knows Fung Shei to which she will help you to create the best energy and harmony to your home utilizing the five elements of water, fire, metal, earth, and wood, which is also essential to the most knowledgeable and discriminating buyer and seller. Attached is an article from Ventana Magazine about Dian and her accomplishments. http://www.ventanamonthly.com/article.php?id=911&IssueNum=107

On the personal side of Dian, she is married to her husband, Jai, for nearly 20 years, and has two grown daughters and five grandchildren. Dian is also an accomplished/award-winning actor, model, producer, casting director, writer, and talent agent under her union name of Dian Van Patten. She has worked with some of the most-talented professionals in the industry as a realtor as well as in the entertainment world.

Think of Dian for all of your real estate needs professionally, ethically, spiritually, and creatively.

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